Our Story


Byron Bay Cacao is a premium artisan chocolate company inspired by a simple thought –

“I am only limited by my imagination”.

At Byron Bay Cacao, our gourmet chocolates are meticulously handcrafted implementing these three key values – sourcing only the finest local and imported ingredients, applying skillful and accurate preparation, and achieving excellence in artistic presentation.

Each creation is handcrafted with the respect and care they demand, ensuring Byron Bay Cacao’s artisan chocolates are unique and luxurious from the crisp chocolate shell down to the rich, soft ganache center. It is chocolate pleasure in its purest form.



“My name is Richard Tuohy and I have travelled a large part of the globe exploring each country for its unique cuisine and culture. This inspired my journey to translate these enriching experiences into food, which led to my love for creating chocolate”.

My vision for the future is to continue making award-winning handmade gourmet chocolates by pushing the boundaries of technique, flavour and design.”

Richard Tuohy is a zealous craftsman who prides his accomplished reputation on producing the finest chocolates, confections and wedding cakes for clients around the world.

Richard has trained with some of the best chocolatiers and pastry chefs in the world and his passion for his craft is evident in both the taste and appearance of each of his creations.